About Us

about-us1Our crews are conditioned to work in sensitive and occupied environments, maintaining high quality workmanship where minimum disruption and speedy turnover are crucial. Specializing in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, we understand the need for cleanliness, keeping dust contained, and using low odor products. We also realize the importance of getting the job done fast, we work in situations where all rooms are occupied and patients must be be moved back into the rooms we are working on.

about-us2We build dust containment for all trades working in the area and provide the drywall demolition where needed for them to do their work. We provide replacement of all drywall to code and work closely with building inspectors, so that they may inspect hidden mechanical work and drywall in a single short trip. We provide cleanup throughout each shift and complete construction cleaning as we finalize each area.

Although we are geared toward the medical industry, our employees are used to all types of commercial and residential work.

All my employees are very polite and always ready and happy to accommodate the customers needs. I have been told on several occasions and witnessed myself that they are very pleasant to work with, very professional and hard working, and get the job done right.